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Thomas Orfino
Born in Florida
43 years
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Laura Orfino Happy Birthday In Heaven Love Muah Laura April 10, 2014
                                     4/10/1967 - 4/10/2014   ( 4 long years )
Laura 3 long years miss you! September 19, 2013
Tom's Memorial site for his 3rd Year of being in Heaven " 4/10/1967 - 9/18/2010 " R.I.P 143  

Loved ones are precious
I know this for a fact
And when you lose one
It’s like an attack
I've lost some loved ones
To many different things
I hate losing loved ones
But it’s a bell that has to ring
Loved ones are special
I have many I should know
But it just seems
I couldn't let them go
You try so hard
To hold on
But in one small second
Loved ones are gone
Sometimes at night
I pray for lost loved ones
Even though they won’t come back
This poem is for them the loved ones lost.
Laura Missing u thinking of u! May 17, 2013
denise kissing the dolphin September 18, 2012
that pic of Tom kissing the dolphin, Cheyenne had just done it and they were picking people (kids) out of the audience. he thought the girl was cute and wanted to get up there (thinking he was gonna kiss the girl I guess) lol, so I stood up and pointed at him and she picked him (was so funny), didnt think he expected me to get him up there.
Laura Orfino

Babe this is got to be the hardest thing I ever had to type  and to go through our life on here, but I want to keep ur memory alive and  let you know how much I miss you, 143 forever! to start with our memories going to start how we met. I remember us playing bingo. a circle of 50 or so who became our real friends. met a few some never met but felt like we knew them all we all knew to go to pogo the zoo room 30's  everyone asking where everyone was from  and I said mississippi you said fla. you was the 1st person I ever met online you ended up being my hubby and a little over 10 years and my ex hubby  but  we were still soulmates and best friends and I so miss your calls everyday. seems as tho when you passed apart of me went with you.  We was suppose to lived  till we could sit back on the balcony and watch the  blue waters ( u always said our mississippi beaches were dirty lol ) I remember driving  down the road when you had flown down for the weekend and the song Journey's Faithfully came  on and u said listening to this song this is my song to you. and that became our song. I  have got it here on the site in your memory and your other song you said was one of your favs  for me to download it and listen to it  NO ORDINARY LOVE  by Sade. As for Haley she misses you alot and I want to thank you for being a great step dad and kept her straight and helped her learn so much. I posted pictures of you and Penny and you know she loved you  when u were gone for a year and came back to Ms to live she jumped on you and wouldn't let you put her down  dang sweety shes almost 11 yrs old you wasn't suppose to leave so fast one day I talk to you and the last time I talked I was going to pick u up at the airport  next I am getting a messege  that we are about to lose you. I can't explain what this has done to me I know what you told me Sept 5th 2010  in that restroom at ST.Mary's Hospital, but finding what we had is going to be hard. and for the end of this part I am going to try and get the last song you called and told me to listen to and make sure I listened to the lyrics.  Leona Lewis -Bleeding Love. I know things at the end  wasn't easy No one  said long distance was easy but when you have a bond such as we did like the song said. bleeding Love  people just didn't understand us. Oh yea u wasn't suppose to leave me u said you was going to do all the floors once I got the place paid for  and less then a year ago you left  I guess God needed  some new GOLDEN floors down. I knew the day u left ur job of 13 years and gave up your motorcross races to come live with me  we would have a never ending relationship. no one could ride that bike like you could !!you rode it like you stole it!! I  know how proud you was to tell of your 2003 Dade City Florida Motorcross Championship Win and that trophy went ever where with us. Don't worry I am proud to keep your Championship alive all who knew you will never forget how u rode that bike like you stole it. races you were so like Sr. 2nd was 1st to lose. lol  I will write more later I still love you and always will you were my soulmate till death  and that will never change you will live 4 ever in my heart. 143 ::) miss  you Luv.   Part 2 will come soon

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